The Values Packs

Let’s spend some time on what we call the Values Packs.  Now, if you’ve read our first two blog posts you know that:

  • We have our mission statement: Deliver the promise and capability of Values Based Shopping to the people… oh, and make it into a phone app!
  • We have our scoring system: the V Score is an easy to understand 1-100 score, and we have tiered Alignment levels that are color-coded by score range to make it instantly recognizable.

So the next big question is… from what perspective are we calculating the 1-100 V Scores? Despite the abundance of information about almost any company, there are too many dimensions and too many sources for a regular person to research an opinion on so many companies, and too little time in which to do it.  The vast and ever-changing data needs to be aggregated at scale, normalized, adjusted, evaluated, and calculated.  One person may have different beliefs and values systems than another person, and what might be good to one could be bad to another.  It has to be benchmarked against the many different personal values systems that predominate our society. That is what the Values Packs do.

Here are the Values Packs people asked for the most:


This Values Pack is designed to reflect the evolution and advancement of the modern Liberal movement both as a personal values system, and a set of political ideals that stand for meaningful change.  The pack seeks out companies that embody a stance to improve our society through political reform by utilizing all the tools available: public policy, activism, technology, science, economic investment, and commercial allyship.


The Conservative pack is anchored in traditional Western values and individual freedoms. It believes companies should support family-centered communities, organizational meritocracy, free and open markets, limited government, the military and law enforcement, and a literal reading of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Climate Emergency

Humankind cannot continue the over-development and destruction of planet Earth at the current pace or there will not be a planet left for future generations. The Climate Emergency Values Pack believes it is incumbent on every person, corporation, and government to do their part whether via recycling, Net Zero carbon emissions, responsible sourcing and manufacturing, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, and adhering to the guidelines set forth in the Paris Accord and the 1.5 degrees Celsius commitment made at United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21, 2015).

Support Veterans

Veterans and their families are heroes that walk among us. The foundation of the Veterans Values Pack is the belief that their sacrifices paid for, and continue to pay, all of the collective freedoms we enjoy today. This values pack is focused on identifying companies that value those sacrifices, create opportunities for Veterans, invest in Veterans-based charitable programs, and support the Veterans community.

Social Justice

Modern Western civilization has benefitted greatly from the labors, and in many cases the plight, of other populations for centuries. Social justice is about the redistribution of opportunities and privileges within society to previously marginalized and underrepresented groups.  This Values Pack is focused on companies that have embedded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) programs, and are active and outspoken in their allyship confronting inequality and breaking down historically racist and structurally systemic barriers.

America First

America First is both a political agenda and an ideology anchored in the traditional principles of American nationalism and greatness, personal freedoms, law and order, election integrity, economic independence, and a limited non-interventionist government. The America First Values Pack searches for companies that focus attention and resources on the creation and protection and utilization of American domestic resources jobs, manufacturing, and reject the subordination of American interests in pursuit of the allure of unified globalist profits.


LGBTQIA+, and its predecessors and successors, are social movements that advocate for LGBTQIA+ people in society.  This Values Pack is focused on supporting that mission, intersectionality, and the demystification of traditional gender roles.  It searches for companies that care deeply about equity for LGBTQIA+ communities, same-sex marriage, LGBTQIA+ programs, gender identity and transition independence, and the political activism required to counteract historical marginalization.

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