The Launch

The premise was simple. It’s called Values Based Shopping™.

People want to buy products from the stores and brands whose values align with their own personal values.

Companies are entering the public square with greater frequency, voicing their own opinions, and taking stands for or against issues, and representing the values they hold true. At the same time, more and more people are feeling like their voices are not being heard, or that the change they want is not happening soon enough.

With near limitless choices in-store and online, people now want to know the answers to their questions before they hand over their hard-earned dollars. Questions like:

Who are these brands?

What do they stand for?

Does that align with what I believe?

How do my values fit in to the equation?

The problem is that, despite the abundance of information about almost any company, there are just too many dimensions to form an opinion and too little time in which to do it.  The data needs to be mass-aggregated, normalized, adjusted, calculated in a way that makes sense, and then do it multiple times from multiple perspectives so it can be benchmarked against different people’s values systems. More than that, the answers need to be available when you need them most – when you’re Shopping!  The answers need to be linked to the products, so you can Scan their barcodes and find out!  Lastly, the answers presented in a format you can easily understand – as a 1-100 Score!

Now you have Veebs to help you.

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