Do the brands you buy stand for what you stand for?

Why not?

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It starts with values based shopping.

Consumers have more choices than ever before, both in WHERE they shop, but also WHAT they shop. Consumers have many reasons to shop different brands: quality, affordability, performance, and customer service. Those reasons all rank highly in historical consumer surveys that ask what matters when making shopping decisions.

However, a new criteria is becoming even more important than ever before — the brand’s own values. What does the brand “stand for”?  What values does the brand promote and endorse?

The money in consumers’ pockets is precious and hard-earned. Consumers directing their money to brands that also stand for what that consumer stands for? That is values based shopping™.

How do I make a change?

Change starts by making values based shopping a priority. Understand the brands that are in your everyday life and the products that you purchase most often. Change starts with you. Look through your refrigerator and shelves, under the sink, and in your bathroom medicine cabinet.

Pay attention to what goes in your grocery cart.

On what brands do you spend your money? Do they share your values?

Veebs is an everyday grocery shopping productivity app designed for mobile. Whether scanning barcodes or searching the Veebs proprietary database, Premium app users can customize brand preferences and favorite stores to help the Veebs scoring algorithms show them the brands with the best values alignment.

  • Use the UPC/Barcode Scanner or the Advanced Search engine.
  • Veebs has the brands that align to your personal Values settings and offers replacement suggestions for the ones that don’t.
  • Create Preferred companies lists and get alerts whenever you scan their brands and products are scanned.
  • Set your Favorite Stores to only show brands and products sold in those stores.
  • Seamlessly add scanned or searched products to your saved shopping Lists.
  • Save your shopping Notes inside each List.
  • (Coming soon) Use Brand Locator to find brands with the best V Scores in the store nearest you!
  • (Coming soon) Search through non-UPC industry Categories for V Scores on Hotels, Airlines, Restaurants, Automobiles, Toys, Apparel and more!

App Features

UPC Scanner
Values Based Scores
Preferred Brands Filters
Shopping Lists
Brand Substitutions
Store-specific Filters
Advanced Search

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