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In blog post #1 we laid out the mission of Values Based Shopping TM, in blog post #2 we described our V Score system, and in blog post #3 we described the different ‘values systems’ or Values Packs the app uses as the viewpoint from which to calculate the 1-100 scores.

Now let’s use this blog post to focus some attention back on the Veebs App itself, and describe the key functions that deliver the most value to our Subscribers plus some useful tips.

Veebs Functions


This is the most-used function in the App. You simply tap the barcode icon that floats on all screens and the App will open the Scanner function via the camera on your phone. Scan any product barcode and get instant data about the product, who makes the product, who owns it, and the company’s V Score (for Subscribers). You’ll also see Replacement Suggestions which identify Brands with products in the same sub-category that have higher scores than the one you just Scanned. This is the simplest, easiest, most direct way to match what you “want to buy” with what aligns most with your values. This is Values Based ShoppingTM.

TIP: If a Scan is unsuccessful, try again and be sure the barcode is fully viewable by the camera.

TIP: The Search function is another easy way to discover a brand’s V Score.

TIP: If you are in the store, make sure to use the complimentary Wi-Fi if available and better than carrier reception.


Whether you’re looking up V Scores of specific Brands and Parent Companies, or you want to learn which Brand has the best score in a particular Category or Keyword (Subcategory), the Veebs proprietary database has it all and Subscribers can search it all. You can tap on any datapoint in the Search results and drill in to more detail about that field, you can add any item to a List. Our database even knows what Stores carry what Brands and Products.

TIP: Change the Store Selector at the top of the screen to ‘My Favorite Stores’ or to a single Store, and the Search results will only display Brands sold in that Store.


Veebs has you covered by reminding you who owns who, and which company you said you wanted to buy more or less from with the PREFERRED function. A simple tap the × or icons on the upper left of any Results screen to add or remove a company from your PREFERRED lists. This puts you in control of a totally customized user experience. Then, every time you SCAN or SEARCH, you’ll see the PREFERRED markings for instant visual reminders on any products across a company’s entire brand portfolio. Set it and forget it.

TIP: Use the brand search bar on the PREFERRED function screen to search companies from our database and make quick additions to lists.


The app makes it easy to keep track of multiple shopping LISTS. Veebs ergonomic design auto-organizes items by Category within each LIST, displays V Scores for each item, and allows for seamless replacement of items with low scores to items with higher scores. Adjust the ‘Store Selector’ based on where you’re shopping, and Veebs will automatically adjust suggestions based on every Store’s brand inventory.

TIP: Use the NOTES feature to save your reminder texts for each specific List. One NOTE is available for each List!

Coming Soon: Total List V Score will be displayed at the top of each LIST. Make changes to what you buy to improve your List V Score!

Coming Soon: LISTS will be shareable between other Veebs Subscribers, perfect for Families.


Quick access to your Scan HISTORY right from the Home screen. Product and Brand information is displayed as well as the V Score at the time of the Scan. Simply tap on any item and get redirected to the full details screen.

TIP: Items in the HISTORY log can be easily added to Shopping LISTS by tapping the + icon next to any item.


Make changes to your customized settings like Values Packs and Favorite Stores, Manage your subscription, and access our Contact Form, Privacy Policy, and other settings. One touch at the top of the screen.

TIP: Have suggestions on how to improve the app? We love it. Send them in via the Contact Veebs form.


Another button that is at the top right of every screen. Simply tap the cart icon and you will be instantly taken to the LIST detail screen of the last Shopping List that you viewed. This button is designed specifically with the active shopper in mind. We know what it’s like when you’re in the store, constantly looking at your phone in one hand and pushing the cart in the other. It’s easy to get pulled off the LIST screen you are using for shopping and into other parts of the app. Just tap this button and you’re brought right back to your active shopping list.

TIP: Reset your shopping list after you’re done shopping.

Coming Soon!


Will be located at the top of every screen and you’ll be able to quickly toggle On/Off the presence of Store Brands from results. Great for when searching for branded options only.

Coming Soon!


Not all sectors are like Groceries, and don’t have UPC barcodes to Scan! We know this and will soon have a Categories button on the HOME screen that will let Subscribers access V Score ranked lists of companies that operate in every segment of the economy!

Coming Soon!


Instantly load items into a list with a special Rapid Scan function that reloads automatically. This will make it quick and easy to create a LIST of items that are all right in front of you. 1-2-3-4-5-6-…..

Coming Soon!


Every LIST will have its own Total List V Score, the average of all the V Score of every item in the LIST. Drive that score higher by finding Replacements for lower scored items that don’t align as well to your Values.

Coming Soon!


We want to give something back to our most active and engaged Subscribers. V Rewards will be accumulated with every value-add engagement like scanning items, creating Lists, submitting Missing Product information, setting Preferred Lists, contacting us with Suggestions, and more. Rewards points will be usable in the app for fun extras like skins, and promotions.

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