Inflation Drives Average U.S. Family of Four To Spend $1,300 Per Month on Grocery Shopping… Is it Actually WORSE than that?

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, which is used to price Food Stamps and SNAP benefits, is published every month.  Recent data shows that between August 2021 and August 2023, on a “Moderate” spending plan a family of 2 adults + 2 children (6, and 9 years of age) would be projected to spend $1,142.60 in August 2021 vs. $1,311.50 in August 2021… just on Groceries

That’s a 14.8% increase…but is that accurate?

If you factor in Household items (paper towels, cleaners, detergent, etc.) that aren’t included in the ‘Grocery’ category, then add in Pet Supplies, and Alcohol…. the number approaches $2,000.

Then the bogeyman that is “Shrinkflation” gets factored into all of the above, and this number is closer to $2,400 per month — a 50% increase?!

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