All users and subscribers must accept, as a bedrock principle of the Terms of Service, that any and all product evaluations, company evaluations, V Scores, Alignment Ratings, and product recommendations should be considered entirely opinion based, and are the opinions of VBS Corp.

All users can be users or subscribers of the app at any time, and of their own free will. All users and subscribers control their own purchasing decisions. All users and subscribers can choose to consider, or choose to ignore, Veebs opinion-based V Scores and Ratings. Free will.

Veebs does not guarantee that the Database and related product attributes (names, descriptions, categories, keywords, types, etc), final V Scores are reliable. The information provided by the App is made up of data, information, and opinions from a variety of sources, and any or all of it could be unreliable. The User and Subscribers must therefore always make their own assessments. The App’s features, V Scores, Ratings, or Replacement Suggestions are not advice of any kind. They are opinions of VBS Corp.

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